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Just 40 miles from Hong Kong, Macau has made a big impact on the tourism industry in recent years following considerable investment in grand hotels and world class tourism attractions.

Yet despite these exciting recent developments, the former Portuguese territory’s unique appeal remains in its heritage as a place where East meets West – where Southern Europe meets China.  And the blend is still prevalent today, not just in Macau’s plethora of historic buildings – with Taoist temples alongside baroque churches and elegant squares – but just as importantly, in its food, events, festivals and laid-back culture too.

It’s clear that Macau is quickly evolving into a highly diverse and vibrant destination, with over 28 million visitors annually demonstrating its growing popularity.   It’s a trend that looks likely to continue, as Macau adds to the range of exciting new hotels and attractions on offer year-by-year.

In the UK, the Macau Government Tourist Office works closely with the UK travel trade by offering training materials, fam trips, events and other opportunities, and, as a travel agent, there’s no better way to get involved than by signing up to Travel Uni’s Macau Specialist programme!